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Product Code : 83
Product Description


Royal's chip for laserjet and inkjet cartridges are highly reliable. These are chips with unmatched quality and high performance rate.We have a range of chips for both Mono black and color chips, compatible with all major brands like Hp, Samsung, Lexmark, Epson, Dell, Toshiba, Konica Minolta,Kyocera Mita, Xerox, Wipro, etc. Royal's chips are

IP Protected
Firmware Updated
Wide Range
Hassle Free

And all this at a price nowhere in India.

 HP 2600

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 1600/2600/2605 Q6000A-03A

 HP 1500

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 1500/2500/2550/2820/2840 Q3960-64A

 HP 1500 Drumunit

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 1500/2500/2550 DRUM UNIT

 HP 3500

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 3500/N/3550/3700/DN Q2670 A2671-73A, A2681-83A

 HP 5500

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 4600/4650/5500/5550 Q9730A-33A

 HP 3600

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 3600/3000/4700  Q6470A-71A-72A-73A

 Hp 2700

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 2700 Hp Q7560A-63A

 HP 3800

 Toner Chips HP 3800

 HP 4600

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 4600/4650 Q9720-21-23

 HP 2025

 Toner Chips HP 9500 C 8550A, 51A,                52A, 53A

 HP 9500 Drumunit

 Toner Chips HP 9500 Drum Unit

 HP 4500

 Toner Chips C 4191A, 92A, 93A, 94A HP 4500

 HP 16A

 Toner Chips HP 5200


 Toner Chips P2015/P2015d/P2015n/P2015dn/P2015x/P3005(Q7551X) HP 53x/51x, Q 7553


 Toner Chips P2015/P2015d/P2015n/P2015dn/P2015x/P3005(Q7551X) HP 53A

 HP Universal Black

 Toner Chips HP Laserjet 1160/3390N/3392/1320/N/1300/2410 Q5949/X,Q2613A/X,Q2610A,Q6511A/X,Q1338A,Q1339A,Q5942 A/X /2420/2430/2300/D/DN/DM/N/4200/DM/N/TN   4300DM/N/TN/4345/4250/4350/L

 HP 9000

 Toner Chips HP 4100/9000/9040/9050

 HP 35A

 Toner Chips P1005/1006/1007/1008/1505/M1120 HP 35A/36A/88A hp 1522 lbp 3250

 HP 70A

 Toner Chips 5025/5035 HP 70A

 HP 1215

 Toner Chips HP 1215/1515/1518 /1312/1512Q540,541,542,543

 hp 64x

 Toner Chips hp 4014/ 1015

 HP 9500

 Toner Chips HP 9500 C 8550A, 51A,                52A, 53A

 HP 2035

 Toner Chips HP Mono 2035 / 2050/2030 series

 HP 3015

 Toner Chips Hp P3010/P3015/3011/3016

 HP 278

 Toner Chips Hp 1566/1606

 HP 285

 Toner Chips Hp P1102

 HP 3525

 Toner Chips HP 3525

  HP 4025

 Toner Chips HP 4025-4525  (260,261,262,263)